About Us
Management Team

The members of the management team of Discovery Co-op are:

General Manager - Mike Nord

Controller - Jana Blais

Operations Manager - Shawn Adair

Human Resource Manager - Glen Gantefoer

Marketing & Communications Manager - Leanne Ducommun

Facilities Manager - Roy Dussault

Administration Office Manager - Sunny Song

Food Division Manager - Brett Sheppard

Grocery Manager - Rob Wolfe

Asst. Grocery Manager - James Waggoneer

Bakery Manager - Chris Klima

Deli Manager - Allan Sutherland

Meat Manager - Ken Widmeyer

Produce Manager - Corey Weedmark

Pharmacy Manager - Garth Walls

Glaslyn Food Store Manager - Donna Painter

Cafeteria Manager - Shawn Tran

Consumer Division Manager - Wes Poffenroth

Lumber Manager - Chris Wolfe

Hardware Manager - Matt Smith

FF2 (Fashions) Manager - Tammy Ramsay

Leisure Time Sports Manager - Dave Bartko

C/Store Division Manager - Dave Rogers

Gas Bar Manager ( Territorial Drive ) - Jenn Szeto

Gas Bar Manager ( Carlton Trail ) - Jacquie Craig

Gas Bar Manager ( Battleford Square ) - Jeff Kitzan

Agro Division Manager - Richard Blais

Agro Manager - Ian King

Petroleum Manager - Randy Randall

Farm Supply Manager - Steven Pederson

Radisson Co-op - Robbie Schmidt